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Main courses

Aging in a DRY AGER®

Beef should ideally be aged. And aging takes time. beef_cuts Dry Aging is a traditional methode for enabling beef to develop intense flavor and exceptional tenderness. A decades old process, Dry Aging of beef achieves the highest level of refinement. In order to get a perfect steak, a new cooking method is not required, rather a new twist on an old aging process. Dry curing is the oldest means of maturing meat. With dry curing, meat is left on the bone and hung for period of time in a temperature and humidity controlled, clean-air environment. Here the meat is allowed to mature slowly, and instead of confining it to a hermetically sealed plastic pouch, the meat is allowed to do what it really needs to do. And that is to breathe. When beef is allowed to mature through dry aging, we are rewarded with meat of intense, unparalled aroma and a consistency that cannot be achieved with just a normal cut of meat. No wonder then that dry aged beef is considered by meat connoiseurs to be the absolute pinnacle of quality among steaks.

Prepared on the BEEF-GRILL

Aside from dry aging, cooking on the special BEEF-GRILL is the best thing that can happen to a steak. With a temperature of about 1475°F, the BEEF-GRILL brings out the absolute maximum amount of aroma. And it does so quickly. In just 5 minutes even the thickest of steaks are cooked the way beef should be: crisp on the outside and rare on the inside. Our steaks are cooked according to your preference:

Rare Dark
red, cool center

Pink, slightly warm center

Well done
Brown, warm throughout center

American Beef from the Dry Ager prepared in Original Beef Grill

From around the world

Vegetarian dishes


Wine & Drinks


Sparkling wine


Winzer Genossenschaft Waldulm/Ortenau (Germany)

Weingut Martin Wassmer Bad Krozingen / Markgräfler Land (Germany)

Weingut Contini Cabras / Sardinien (Italy / Sardinia)

Weingut Librandi Ciro Marina / Kalabrien (Italy / Calabria)

Ravoire & Fils Lauris / Rhônetal (France / Rhône )

Bordeaux (France/Bordeaux)

Finca Sophenia Tupungato / Mendoza (Argentina / Mendoza)

Ravenswood Napa Valley / Kalifornien (US / California)

Australien - South Eastern Nugan Estate (Australia)


Weingut Gerhard Karle Ihringen / Kaiserstuhl (Germany)

Grappa Alexsander

Grappa Bottega

Beer & alcohol-free

Coffee & tea