Liebe Gäste,

wir sind wieder zu unseren gewohnten Öffnungszeiten für Sie da. Zusätzlich öffnen wir am Pfingssonntag mittags und abends.


Pfingstspecial vom 26.05.-31.05.2020

Trüffelschnitzel vom Kalb / Parmesan/ French Fries / Tomaten-Basilikum-Salsa /


Reservierungen sind ab sofort möglich.


Wir freuen uns auf Sie


About us


At the end of a long journey…
In my new restaurant Meet & Eat the expression of the most exciting culinary influences that I’ve learned and enjoy come to fruition.
This is no ordinary restaurant. You’ll find that we avoid trendiness in favor of a comfortable, casual ambiance, with aspiring cuisine. We serve high quality, seasonally inspired dishes that focus on down-to-earth ingredients that are expertly prepared by top-notch staff who have a passion for great food, like our special, dry-aged beef, which we very carefully age in a specialized locker that precisely controls and monitors temperature and humidity. In the USA, dry-aged beef has for years been a source of culinary extasy among meat lovers.
For lunch we prepare simple, quick dishes that can be ordered á la carte or as a complete meal with appetizer and dessert.
Evenings we a happy to serve á la carte selections from our menu or recommended dishes from our chef.
On our wine list you will find carefully selected wines from around the world.
See a bottle of wine that you would like try, but you know you cannot finish a whole bottle it one sitting? No problem, with our Vinojet vacuum sealing system, we can serve you a glass, evacuate the air and reseal the bottle, so you don’t have to purchase an entire bottle when all you really want is a glass of one of our premium wines. Find a wine that you really like and want to take with you? We offer our un-openned wines by the bottle, at list price minus 10€. So you can take a bottle or two home with you for your next special occasion.
Have a desire to improve your own cooking skills? On every second Saturday of the month, our we offer cooking classes with our expert chefs. And we sit down to enjoy together with loved ones the meals we prepare in the cooking class.
Look for exact dates in our event calendar.
On all other Saturdays, our restaurant is available for booking special occasions such as birthday or wedding dinners. To enquire please fill out a request form.

We’re pleased you’ve chosen to dine with us!
Your Meet and Eat team